Helping customers is a winning email marketing strategy

Want potential customers to pay attention to your email marketing messages? Offer recipients helpful tips, just as Petco did with advice for cat owners. The pet store chain recently sent me an email asking if our cat ever gets hairballs. The message includes two links: one leads to a webpage with advice for hairball control [...]

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The Best SEO Tip? Strong Content

While keywords matter, entertaining and informative content actually plays a larger role in how your webpage fares in search engine rankings. The biggest SEO tip we could give you – what you really need is incoming links. The way to win over search engine algorithms is to encourage people to link to your webpage. And [...]

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Come Join Our Class: Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Small Business

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Do you need help marketing your business? As you know, many small businesses don’t have a clear plan when it comes to marketing. ┬áThis class is designed to guide you through the process of creating a ┬ámarketing plan that works for you. We will guide you to: Draft a mission statement Learn the difference between [...]

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